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Ready Use - Acrylic Polymer Base

RHINOZ Primer Bonding is a multipurpose acrylic latex bonding agent for increasing surface bond strength and flexural and tensile strength while reducing the peeling of the topping, chalking, and shrinkage.

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Ready Use - Water Base

It is a premixed acrylic water-based elastomeric membrane, ideal to use as a waterproofing material for external and internal areas on variety of surfaces such as concrete, masonry etc. It is formulated to remain pliable and elastic, to bridge and seal hair-line cracks. It is highly flexible with 400% elongation, good adhesion strength, high durability, good weather & UV resistance, water and mild chemical resistance.

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2K - Acrylic Polymer + Special Cement

It is a 2-components high performance waterproofing cement and sealing membrane which provides a total
waterproofing system. It is ideal for using in shower recess prior to tiling and can also be used to waterproof
terrace, balcony, bathroom, swimming pool, basement, reservoir and water tank. It is highly flexible with 500%
elongation, has good adhesion, can bond to various substrates such as concrete, render, existing tile, fiber
cement, etc.

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Ready Use - Water Based Polyurethane 

A premium polyurethane based waterproofing designed to prevent leakage 100% with excellent elongation of 800% for applications of rooftop, roof drainage, balcony, wall and jointing for both interior and exterior. It covers well with property of UV resistant, water stagnation resistant, chemical resistant, abrasion resistant, excellent adhesion, no peeling, non toxic, and can be coated over.

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Double Enforcement Layer

RHINOZ Fiberglass Mesh Tape is made with a unique cross-fiber glass construction to provide greater drywall joint strength than conventional fiberglass mesh tapes.

It resists shrinking, tearing, stretching and distortion. It also resists joint cracking that can occur when conventional fiberglass mesh tape is used.

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