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'RHINOZ' is product brand of Blue Label Co., Ltd, manufacturer of construction chemical. RHINOZ is innovative architectural coating and surface finishing system includes: jointing compound, skim coat, decorative textured finishing and more.

“RHINOZ Strives to Bring the Best Innovation to the Society.” In construction and architecture, new materials and framework are continuously developed to reach higher benchmark of efficiency and effectiveness. RHINOZ as well never stop to innovate construction chemicals which serves new experience to the market, solves customer’s pain points and encourages higher standard to construction.

We have invented and developed various materials and innovations that help providing unique engineering and architectural solutions with high health and international standards such as ASTM, BS, ISO, TIS, EN.

We offer service and products regarding developing innovative solution to solve construction problem for more than 50 years of joint research and development with our strategic partners in Europe and USA. 

With the coordination of the Blue Club and Building Material Solution (BMS 2020 Co., Ltd.), we will strive to provide the best service quality & innovative solution and ensuring the client to get 100%. of satisfaction.

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  • Formulator of construction chemical products that solve functional issue and satisfy the artistic preference


  • To grow together with our strategic partners

  • To be the best innovator in construction by developing products with no boundary for the true solution.

  • To offer unique engineering and architectural solutions with high health and safety standards for human and environment. 

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