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SMARTSYNC Repair And Maintenance Solution

Top-Tier Quality, Innovation, and Sustainability Solutions | SmartSync & RHINOZ

Welcome to SmartSync, your trusted partner for cutting-edge solutions in quality, innovation, and sustainability. We proudly collaborate with RHINOZ, a prestigious division of Blue Label Co., Ltd Thailand with over 50 years of R&D expertise. Together, we deliver state-of-the-art materials and advanced solutions developed through our global partnerships in Europe and the USA.

VIACOR Floor Coatings: Excellence in Every Layer

As the official brand representatives of VIACOR, we offer an extensive range of floor coating solutions designed for various applications. From traditional and heavy-duty floor coatings to conductive, decorative, and chemical-resistant systems, VIACOR products set the benchmark for quality and safety. Our floor coatings are certified with the Green Label from the Singapore Environmental Council and LEED credits, adhering to the highest standards for solvent and VOC content regulations.

ClimateCoating®: Intelligent Functional Coatings for Building and Industrial Use

Discover ClimateCoating®, a leader in functional coatings for building and industrial applications. Manufactured in Germany, ClimateCoating® products are designed to be environmentally friendly and highly effective. With the esteemed Greenguard Gold Certificate, ClimateCoating® ensures adherence to the most stringent chemical emission standards and supports CO2 emission reduction through energy-efficient design.

Cafco® SPRAYFILM WB3: Advanced Water-Based Intumescent Coating

Introducing Cafco® SPRAYFILM WB3 (UL TYPE PS3), a revolutionary water-based intumescent coating for structural steel protection. Engineered with polyvinyl acetate resins and fillers, Cafco® SPRAYFILM WB3 provides up to 120 minutes of fire protection. During a fire, it expands to form an insulating layer that slows the rise of steel temperatures, meeting rigorous ISO 9001:2008 quality standards with full PROMAT and Etex Group accreditations.

Join Us in Pioneering Quality, Innovation, and Sustainability

At SmartSync, our mission is to drive excellence and sustainability through our strategic partnerships and innovative solutions.


Download our catalogue for more details on our advanced products and services and discover how we can help you create spaces that excel in quality, innovation, and environmental responsibility.

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