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RF-155 Skim Extra Force

Fiber-reinforce Technology

1. The surface must be structurally sound, free from dust, grease and other loose contaminates. If the job site is hot or windy dampen dry surface before application.

2. Mix 20 kg. of RHINOZ Skim Extra Force with 6.0 - 6.5 liter of clean water until a homogenous mixture is achieved. Leave the mixture to stand for several minutes.

3. Apply the mixture to the prepared substrate with steel trowel or putty knife. One or more coats may be applied depending on the desired finish, sanding may be required to obtain an even higher degree of smoothness.

4. Allow 1-2 hours between coats and pre-covering curing time 1-2 days. ( Depending on the thickness and atmospheric conditions )

5. Clean tools with water before the product dries.

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