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Crack Repairing Boxset

Crack Repairing Solution

1. Grind along the cracked area at 0.5cm deep and 2.5cm wide of each side from the cracked edge.

2. Apply RHINOZ Primer Bonding to cover 5cm wide along the joint. Leave it to dry for 15 mins or it has turned into clear color.

3. Mix the RHINOZ Hybrid Jointing Compound (Part A and B) using spinning mixer at low speed (300-500rpm) until the mixture became homogenous.

4. Fill the mixture into the groove along the joint at 0.5cm thickness. Leave to dry 2-3 hours before applying second layer, and 24 hours before applying skim.

5. Apply RHINOZ Acrylic Skim along the joint to fill the gap at thickness of 1-2mm, and cover 2.5cm width on both sides.

6. To make surface smoother, can apply second layer of RHINOZ Acrylic Skim after 1-2 hours.

7. Leave it to dry completely for 24 hours. Sand the surface with sanding paper to achieve smooth finish.

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