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RF-250 + RF-251 + RF-252 Plas Guard Waterproof

Poly-aspartic Waterproof System

1. All surfaces must be clean and sound, free from oil and other contaminants that will effect to adhesion.

2. Apply 1 coat of RHINOZ Plas Guard P310 by brush or roller, let it dry for 2-4 hours.

3. Apply 1 coat of RHINOZ Plas Guard P311S by brush or roller and then cover it with sand and

press firmly, let it dry for 3-4 hours.

4. Mix RHINOZ Plas Guard PLA-550, part-A/B in the ratio of 2/1 part by weight and stir homogeneously by mixer before use.

5. Apply 2-3 coats of RHINOZ Plas Guard PLA-550, allow 2-3 hours dry time between coats.

6. Let it dry for 2-3 days before use and it shows high performance after 7 days


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