The Next Generation Versatile Green Building Material, ALC Panel.

Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete Panel (ALC Panel), which are also commonly known as Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Panel (AAC Panel), are common masonry products used in construction of a wall. ALC is a lightweight material composed of silica sand, gypsum, lime and cement which is widely used for both external and walls, load bearing or non-load bearing walls, basement walls, infill walls to framed structures, partition walls, fire break walls, etc.

ALC panel is consider as the next generation Versatile Green Building Material of choice for building community. The material is suitable and proved to be an excellent building material for constructions such as residential, commercial, industrial and warehouse buildings, hotels, schools and hospitals, etc., in any terrain and all climatic conditions.

Currently, most of the country is vigorously promoting prefabricated buildings, and prefabricated buildings have great development opportunities. As a new wall material, ALC panel is more and more popular because of its unique advantages. But what are the characteristics or advantages of ALC panel that are so popular among construction industry?


ALC Product Types: ALC, unlike traditional concrete masonry units (“CMU”), is a solid panel /material system with integrated insulation and structural components, and is available in a variety of products that can be used in both load and non-load-bearing applications.

Complete load bearing applications, however, are limited to low-rise construction, though cladding and large panels are available to take advantage of ALC’s insulative, fire proofing, and other benefits on mid- and high-rise projects.

Additionally, the large wall, floor, and roof panels, measuring up to 10 feet long, 2 feet wide, and in various thicknesses, are also used in load-bearing capacities and are common in commercial and industrial applications. ALC panel, also called “units” are stacked using thin-set mortar, as opposed to the traditional cement-based mortar used in CMU construction.


Due to ALC’s design flexibility and combined structural and insulation components, an entire structure can be built using the one material. Exterior surfaces can be finished with stucco, traditional veneers or siding, while interior walls can be plastered, painted, or left unfinished, in addition to traditional sheet rock finishes.

Further, ALC is easy to use and can be cut and manipulated with normal wood-working tools. AAC/ALC-Blocks with cement, lime, Silica Sand as raw materials, adopting two-way and welded steel reinforcement mesh (reinforcing bar) processed by special anti-rust liquid , produced in high temperature, high pressure and steam curing, it’s a kind of porous silicate plate of high performance, and has many incomparable performances of good fire-resistance, fire prevention, sound insulation, heat insulation, thermal insulation etc.


According to Sinopower Group, advantages of ALC panel were summarized as follow:

  • Time saving: using the ALC, the construction work can be accelerated to achieve a greater amount of time efficiency.

  • Light weight: specific gravity is only 500~650kg/m3, only 1/4 of concrete, 1/3 of clay brick, known as floating on the surface of the concrete. The design value is 650kg/m3.

  • Fire resistance: 100mm thick panel can reach 3.82 hours, 125mm thick panel can reach more than 4 hours, is a first-class fire material.

  • Insulation: the thermal conductivity is 0.114, and the insulation effect of the 125mm thickness material can reach the ordinary 370mm thick brick wall. Is a single material can achieve building energy saving more than 65% of the new building materials.

  • Sound insulation: The sound insulation index of 100mm thick panel (two-sided putty) reaches 40.8dB (through loss);The acoustic insulation index of 120mm thick panel (two-sided putty) reaches 45dB (through loss);Sound insulation index of 150mm thick panel (double-sided putty) is 48dB (through loss);There are many small pores inside the ALC panel, which have the dual performance of sound insulation and sound absorption.

  • Earthquake resistance: it can adapt to large interlaminar Angle displacement, allowing 1/150 of the interlaminar Angle to reach 1/120 when special contact is adopted, and no panel shedding will occur at 1/20 of the interlaminar angle at all contacts.

  • Environmental protection: Non-radioactive, with an hourly exposure of 12 /h, equivalent to the level on outdoor grassland; ALC is a new type of environmentally friendly building materials, which can save energy consumption in the process of use.

  • Bearing capacity: The panels are equipped with double-layer and two-way steel mesh inside, respectively providing external wall panels, partition wall panel, roof panel, floor panel, decorative panel and so on.

  • Crack resistance: ALC panel is reinforced by the steel bar after rust treatment, through high temperature, high pressure, steam curing, in the inorganic material shrinkage ratio is minimum, with a special polymer binder caulking, effectively prevent cracking.

  • Convenience: ALC panel is processed by the fixed length after the actual measurement on site, which is the precast product of the factory, with high precision, planning, sawing and drilling. Adopt dry operation, installation is simple, the craft is simple, cancels the traditional wall construction column, the waist beam, the plastering, the direct batch scraping putty child, greatly shortens the construction period, improves the efficiency and the construction quality.

If you are interested and looking for ALC panels from the manufacturer, you may contact our business partner at +84 220 3580 414, send them an email to or visit their website ( for more details.

Download the full catalogue HERE:

catalogue 2021 SLC Panel Vietnam
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