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Mr. Wittawat Pornkul (Center), Managing director of Dcon Products Public Company Limited (DCON) which is a manufacturer of building materials and real estate development, arranged the DSC Grand Opening event to celebrate the opening of DSC Products Company Limited along with a tour of the Precast concrete factory.

The company uses the newest technology ”Vollert” from Germany used in the complete process from design, production, to installation. In the event, it was honored by Associate Professor Dr. Tortrakul Yomnak (3rd from right), Chairman of Dcon Products Public Company Limited, to be the president of the factory opening ceremony. Also, there were regular partners who had a long relationship with including Dr. Prateep Tangmatitham and Mr. Nuttaphong Kunakornwong who cut the ribbon to open the factory together. Moreover, in this congratulation, Sena Development Public Company Limited, led by Prakit Akaraserenont, came to congratulate DSC Product Company Limited at the factory recently in Lamlukka Klong 12.

Dcon prestressed planks are produced from a standardized factory, the large factory with the largest capacity in Thailand from 1997 to present by the machines that can accurately control concrete mixes. Due to the meticulosity in setting the formwork, selecting raw materials, and controlling all the production processes with the international standard quality control system ISO9001: 2015 for more than a decade, Dcon prestressed planks are of high quality and are able to display standard mark Industrial products, TIS 576-2546 and TIS 828-2546, with on-time delivery emphasizing on customer satisfaction as the key.

We are very proud to be invited to participate and showcase our product solution together with DSC product by DCON group as being their trusted business partner. During the event, our setup team was bombarded with their distinguished guest, honorable business partner, and potential clients who interested in our Precast Panel Total Solution.

Our product solution included wall and joints solutions that able to seal up big gap joints, movement joints, expansion joints, etc with crack-resistant skimming as the topcoat. Besides, we also provide waterproofing solutions from one of our sister brands, 3D Elastic Waterproof as well as decorative solutions as the final touch or finishing for the precast panel.

Find out more about the Precast Panel Total Solution following the link below.

Jointing Solution:

Decorative Solution:

Fireproof Solution:


Check out the DCON product in the YouTube video below or their website;

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