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Recently, we got contacted by our business partner, Jaiboonspeedwall regarding their EPS Sandwich Concrete Panel joint crack issues. They told us that their adhesive compound that connect panel to panel already cracked before doing the plastering.

After the conversation over the phone, we immediately drive to their project site and try to find out what was the root cause. After we analyzed the product solution that their contractor used, we realized that the adhesive compound was actually tile adhesive product.

We explained to their contractor that although the tile adhesive might works to connect the panel to panel, however in terms of elongation performance against movement, it will not works in long term and will ended up cracks. In fact, the tile adhesive specification were meant for sticking tiles on floor which have less movement performance compare to wall panel.

As we always said, always use the right tool on the right thing. Therefore, we have recommended them the right product solution - RF-258 RHINOZ Wall Cement Adhesive to solve their problems. Demonstration has been carried out as follow:

1. Firstly, prepare 4.8-5.2 liters of clean water into the mixing bucket. In this case, you may use weighing scale to measure the water level.

2. Pour all the RF-258 RHINOZ Wall Cement Adhesive (20KG) into that bucket of water prepared just then.

3. Start mixing the compound until a homogeneous mixture being achieved.

4. Scoop up and check, make sure mixture were homogeneous and will be ready to use.

5. We demonstrated on how to apply the mixture using - Handy Grout Injectors by TOMOSADA.

6. This tool gives a very smooth and efficient application performance. This is a highly recommended tool for all contractor or applicator.

7. After applied the mixture along the panel (female edge), then you can apply the mixture along the surface of the floor slab as well.

8. Right after that, you can straight up the panel, position it on top of the mixture, do the leveling measurement and adjustment accordingly. Once fixed, install the footing by inserting the L shape bar in between of the panel and the floor slab.

9. Repeat the same process by attaching the second panel side by side with the first panel. Once the position adjusted and leveled, you may seal along the panel joint lightly with the mixture to achieve a full strength and adhesiveness performance.

10. Within 1 hour of work, the contractor managed to install 7 pieces of EPS sandwich concrete panels using our RF-258 RHINOZ Wall Cement Adhesive + Handy Grout Injectors by TOMOSADA. The performance was unbelievable effective and efficient.

11. After 24 hours, the panels will be ready for plastering works using our RF-239 RHINOZ Hybrid FX-55 + RF-135 RHINOZ Acrylic Jointing Compound total solution.

Check out the video by using the YouTube Link below:


In conclusion, tile adhesive product might be less costly than the proper wall cement adhesive product to connect the panel to panel, however this solution will not last long as the cracks will be appeared in the end of the day.

In fact, repairing time, money and effort will be cost you even more, so please stop using this.

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