Rise of Green Building (Precast Concrete Wall Panel)

Construction materials and practices have changed over the past decade due to increasing environmental consciousness. Today’s green buildings not only mean better use of sunlight, but also the use of green building materials in the construction of buildings to maximize energy efficiency, which helps better achieve building sustainability.

The precast concrete wall panel is considered as one of the building materials for green construction. It was widely used due to its advantages, including the storm and earthquake resistance, the consistent quality control with international standards, the shorter construction period, the reduction of dependence on labor, and the better cost control.

With strong promotion and adoption of Industrialized Building System (IBS) construction in Malaysia, the market size of precast concrete wall panels is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.9% from 2019 to 2023, reaching MYR2,163.4 million in 2023. (Source: Frost & Sullivan)


The key market drivers for the Precast Concrete Wall Panel:

Supportive measures to promote efficient and green building construction

Rising demand for buildings along with infrastructure development

Growing awareness of sustainability in construction

Increasing supply of industrial space and development of business parks


The challenges of the Precast Concrete Wall Panel:

Visible joints in between of the precast concrete wall panel

The flexibility of the jointing solution (Polyurethane Sealant, Epoxy & Modified Silicone)

Thermal movement under the tropical climate

Large jointing gap caused by the non-aligned precast concrete wall panel


All these challenges eventually can be overcome by using RF-134 RHINOZ Hybrid Jointing Compound. It able to 💪seal up large jointing gap, 💪passed 6 cycles of Thermal Cycle Test (TUV Test), 💪provide seamlessly joints, 💪high strength,💪flexible,💪vibration and impact resistant💪non-sag on vertical surfaces,💪non-shrinking due to their high-solids content, 💪solvent-free & 💪water-resistant. It is the right jointing solution for your Green Building especially the Precast Concrete Wall Panel and other types of building materials.

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