New Evolution of Brick!

Today, we would like to share about the new evolution of construction brick in the field, - Foam Hollow Core Smart Brick G-VRO by VRO CONSTRUCTION JOINSTOCK COMPANY.

Going through a long journey of research and development, VRO is very proud to be patented with the exclusive technology of EPS foam core brick (a type of unburnt brick) – a pioneer technology of construction material industry. This hollow core brick solution not only saves the costs for the investors but also provides a wide variety of functionality. The EPS foam core brick manufactured and provided by VRO is the superior product in the segment of light weight unburnt brick for its structure consisting of high grade concrete (grade #200) with EPS foam.

1. Advantages of EPS foam hollow core smart brick VRO (G-VRO):

– Fast construction, clean site, directly painting without waiting time

– Lightweight, about 35-50% less than the weight of conventional brick wall

– Sound & heat insulation, waterproofing

– Durability, high hardness because the brick is made from high grade concrete (grade > #200) with reinforcement, so it is stiff enough to hang heavy stuff.

– The finished walls have different thickness options: 100-125-150-175-200-250mm.

– The construction cost is equivalent to that of conventional brick wall 110cm and is about 10 to 15% more economical than the conventional brick wall 220cm.

– The wall is built with mortar added with plasticizing admixture to form a whole block, so there is no splitting and node cracking as seen in other kinds of block wall.

– The construction process is almost similar to building large burnt bricks, so ordinary workers can also build immediately

– Production of bricks is arranged at the site to reduce transportation costs, greatly reducing product costs. Because this is a kind of unburnt brick so it’s very environmentally friendly.

– Brick can be used as a load-bearing wall to replace wall column when building a house up to 3-4 floors. In that case, steel is added the hollow bricks to create a pillar or bracing of the floor.

– It is possible to build large walls up to 10m high for projects such as factories and halls

Watch the video below to find out more about the application process and testing as compared to conventional bricks application. I am pretty sure you will be amazed by the result and performance.

Anyone who are interested about this latest innovative technology of bricks, you may contact them via the details below.


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