How To Select The Perfect Marble Slab For Your Project?

Choosing a marble piece is very subjective due to beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is so true that different people have different kinds of taste and justification in terms of colors, textures, patterns, veinings and etc.

Hence, we are going to find out how to select the best marble slab for your countertops, walls, flooring, bathroom, home decor piece and etc in this short article.

First of all, you should already have an idea or a plan of the color and style of marble that fits your master design perfectly. Having a plan will enable you to zone into the colors that match your design, character, and personality without hassle. Hence, plan ahead in which kind of stone you want, the right dimension, and the quantity that you need for your project can save you a bunch of time and budget.

Secondly, visit the supplier store to see the physical marble slab piece. Bear in mind that the photos sent by the supplier could come out quite different than the actual piece. Lighting could be slightly off, some inherent flaws in the stone may not be present in the photos. Marble slabs can be easily cracked if it is mishandled also it can be cracked at the time of the shipping process. The best way to check it run your fingernail across the surface. If your nail snags, then the slab is cracked.

Lastly, think about aftercare. There are many factors to be considered while deciding the best marble material for your home designing projects. All the material has different applications and features. Choose the right marble slab which has easy maintenance. While choosing the kitchen countertop slabs you need to take care more because the appearance of the stone will change over time.

There are huge types of marbles available in different colors and veining intensity. The appearance of marble slabs varies from location to location. The prices of slabs also vary which is depending on the various factor. For example, a polished Super White and White Carrara cost around $60 per square meter while a polished artificial Calacatta Cararra White Marble cost around $25 per square meter also.

It is a luxurious option when it comes to the decoration of buildings. Marble is one of the most famous natural stone which can be used by architects, sculptors, and designers. If you want to decorate buildings with a minimal budget, perhaps this option will be the right material according to your requirement and budget with the perfect color combination.

RHINOZ Venetian Loft is a highly polished contemporary and industrial style acrylic finish that comes in various color choices, specially formulated for no crack, chalk, or no dust. The application gives an illusion of depth and texture and creates a unique personalized design on walls, columns, and ceilings, for interior and exterior. It has good adhesion, strength, durability, and weather-resistant property, and contains active biocides to resist growth of mold and mildew.

It can be used over a variety of common substrate materials such as concrete, masonry, plaster, fiber cement, gypsum board and etc. Check out the video below to find out more details.

The good things about RHINOZ Venetian Loft Marble Texture Decorative Solution is that it allows you to save more cost where the consumption cost is less than $10 per square meter. It is easy to apply as you can design the marble patterns freely based on your personal character, design, and taste. Without the need of considering the cutting size and loading weight, basically, you can apply it freely anytime, anywhere which saves you a lot of time, effort, and headache as well. Most important, it is so easy to maintain in which provides long durability and high quality that demonstrates your artistic flavor with class and lux. 

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