Girl Crafting It!

The usual early morning rush- busy traffic, brisk-walking people, and announcements at train stations have quietly vanished. This Covid-19 pandemic has changed our schedule and forced most people into de-facto remote workers.

Society has been led to a whole new working lifestyle called "New Normal". People working from home are now a survival strategy in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic as many businesses and companies have had to implement the work from the home policy of the government.

Studies found out many people were overwhelmed with feeling between the demands of work and home. Women especially experienced a lot of stress trying to balance the chores at home, kids, and the demands of work.

To manage stress working from home, expert advises that we:

  1. Have a routine

  2. Dress up as you will do for work

  3. Be disciplined with your time schedule for work

  4. Learn a new skill(s)

  5. Designated a workspace in your home

  6. If you have kids, get kids involved with some activity

Out of number 1 till number 3, basically, you can do it without any issues by shaping up a good habit and following your own scheduled routine. From number 4 till number 6, this Do It Yourself (DIY) home improvement job can definitely help you.

Have a brand new workspace in your home - re-decorate space and get the wall a new paint or color. Hereby, this RHINOZ Cement Loft gives an illusion of depth and texture and creates a unique personalized design on the wall. They come with 12 color choices and you can choose the color that matches your mood. (Refer to the color therapy blog post for reference ) Link:

This DIY Cement Loft Boxset required the least effort even a skinny girl could do it without any problems. Not only it enables you to learn a new skill set, but also can get your kids involved together which will enhance the interaction and relationship of a family for sure.

Find out more in the YouTube video below: Link:

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