Decorative Flooring Solution

In today’s urban areas, lots and lots of rain falls on impervious surfaces like parking lots, driveways, sidewalks and streets, rather than soaking into the ground, causing erosion, flash floods and water table depletion. As if that’s not enough, the rushing picks up everything from oil and grease spills to deicing salts and chemical fertilizers, carrying it along with it -straight into rivers, lakes and coastal waters, polluting the natural ecosystem.

Traditional concrete floor has no ability to let the water penetrates the ground below. It will then either need to be directed towards permeable areas, find its way towards sewer systems, or remain on any flat surface where it will simply pool up and be left to the mercy of a hot sun and the natural process of evaporation.

Decorative textured flooring has become one of the top choices in flooring to solve those issues. It can be installed in new and existing home. If you plan to switch to decorative textured flooring, your home could already have a concrete subfloor, making it the ideal canvas for this type of flooring. Decorative textured floors are durable and can last for a long time, so you save valuable money on repairs and maintenance. They are not prone to scratches, unlike vinyl and hardwood. There are also a ton of available choices in textures, patterns, and colors. While decorative textured flooring may meet your preferences and requirements, it is also a good option for the environment.

Unlike general pavement and poured concrete, the RHINOZ Flexi Sand is specially formulated as a decorative textured coating, without retaining water.

  • It gives natural effect of sand and stone particles, with a property of durability and long lasting color.

  • It can be applied easily with trowel, ideal for interior and exterior floors and suitable for both new and existing concrete surface.

  • The properties make those surfaces somewhat 'flexible', so they are rarely subject to cracking due to the freeze/thaw cycle of the seasons.

  • It is good weather resistance, water & mild chemical resistance, covers cracks well and gives high strength to the floor coating.

The concept of RHINOZ Flexi Sand were inspired based on 4F, which are

  1. FIRM - gives a strong and durable aesthetic natural stone floor coating to your new or existing concrete floor

  2. FLEX - provides high flexibility which reduce the cracking and able to cover the floor cracks perfectly

  3. FLOW - allows water to flow through without any water retention hence prohibit growth of fungi and algae

  4. FAST - less step and time installation in achieving good protection such as weather, UV and water resistance

Environmental Benefits of RHINOZ Flexi Sand:

  • Preserves plants surrounded.

- Because it allows the passage of both water and air, plants that grow nearby can be preserved through natural irrigation. In turn, the shade provides natural cooling and cleaner to the concrete surface.

  • Less accumulation of microorganism.

- It helps purifies the pollutants in rain water runoff such as sediment, debris, heavy metals and hydrocarbons. It helps to prevent growing of algae and fungi on the concrete surface too.

  • Reduces heat effect.

- Due to its open-cell structure, it don’t absorb and store heat and then radiate it back into the environment. It also allows cooler earth temperatures from below to cool the concrete surface.

  • Less risk of accident.

- Because of it's water permeable features, it does not have water retention on the floor hence will less likely to cause incident due to floor slippery.


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