Deadly Smoke & Fire!

Do you know that as the fire grows inside a building, the fire burns oxygen, so the more a fire burns, the more oxygen is removed from a room and the more difficult it is to breathe. Fire and smoke are a deadly duo. However, the smoke has more tricks up its sleeve.

Most indoor fire deaths are not caused by burns, but by smoke inhalation.

An estimated 50%-80% of fire deaths are the result of smoke inhalation injuries rather than burns. The smoke itself can contain products that do not cause direct harm to you, but that takes up the space needed for oxygen. Carbon dioxide, for instance, acts in this way.

Below was the person's experiences caused by the oxygen level accordingly.


Toxic gases are also released by certain burning objects, with carbon monoxide being the most common. Other toxic gases are released depending on what has caught fire, such as hydrogen cyanide from burning plastics and phosgene from household products such as vinyl materials.

According to the CTIF World Fire Statistics Center gathers data from fires worldwide, distribution of fires by types, building structure recorded the highest of all at 37.3%.


To Survival, Time Is The Key!

The figure shows that the probability of death increases linearly, and the amount of structure destroyed does the same as the time lapsed.

In simple meaning that, the longer time the structure destroyed due to burning fire and deadly smoke, the lower the chance of surviving.

In order to increase the chances of survival during a fire, we come with a fireproofing solution. It is a passive fire protection measure which refers to the act of making materials or structures more resistant to fire, or to those materials themselves, or the act of applying such materials. These materials are an integral part of structural protection which helps in slowing down heat spread & smoke and subsequently results in delaying the damage and improving the fire escape duration.


The survival rate increase as the fireproofing extends the time of structure destroyed by burning fire and deadly smoke while time tickling. Hence increasing the chance of surviving.

The longer the time delay of the structure destroyed by burning fire and deadly smoke, the higher the chance of escape or save by the incoming firefighter.

In short, fireproofing, such as inorganic fire retardant, intumescent fire barrier, cementitious fire barrier and etc. therefore, is to buy time and improve fire escape duration.

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