Crack Repairing Kit!

A week ago, we received a call from one of the condominium's management office requesting for wall cracks solution. After collecting the brief information based on the situation described by them over the phone, we then recommended our RHINOZ Crack Repairing Kit to solve their problem.

They felt delighted with our product solution recommendation and quickly made an appointment with us. We arrived at the condominium based on the appointed date and time with our latest RHINOZ Crack Repairing Kit for the demonstration.

Inside this 🦏RHINOZ Crack Repairing Kit🦏 consists of

1. [RF-143 RHINOZ Primer Bonding - 240ml] x 1

2. [RF-102 RHINOZ Acrylic Skim- 500g] x 1

3. [RF-134 RHINOZ Hybrid Jointing Compound - 1kg] x 1

The details information about the products were listed in the link below accordingly.

RF-143 Primer Bonding👉

RF-102 Acrylic Skim 👉

RF-134 Hybrid Jointing Compound👉

We were welcomed by a cute lady who is the condominium's management officer. After some details explanation about the product solution and repairing method, they were really excited and made the payment on the spot for the RHINOZ Crack Repairing Kit.

At the same time, she made a call to their applicator team to come over to observe the demonstration and do the job accordingly.

We were leaded to the wall cracks area and discovered that there were non-structural cracks mainly caused by fluctuations in the moisture content and thermal movement. In this case, not only the RHINOZ Crack Repairing Kit can repair the crack without problem, but also can help to prevent cracks in the future.

After assessed the condition of the cracks, we briefed their applicator team the causes of problem, product solution, repairing method and we started the demonstration right away.

Normally we suggest to grind a groove along the cracks using hand grinder. However in this case, we used cutter knife due to the restriction of the condominium management to prevent the loud noises from hand grinder interrupts the residents inside of the building.

2. After the groove opening preparation done, we started off with RF-143 Primer Bonding application. We used brush to apply the primer bonding along the crack lines before mending. This will increase the adhesiveness between the substrate, helps the filling solution to properly fill the insides of the crack, and enhance the overall performance of the solution.

3. While waiting the primer bonding to dry for about 15-20 minutes, we started mixing the RHINOZ RF-134 Hybrid Jointing Compound for the filling works. The jointing compound came with 2 part, Part A and Part B. We mixed both part together using a spinning mixer until it became homogeneous and filled up the groove accordingly.

4. After the demonstration, we handover the job to their applicator team to continue with the rest of fixing. (under the supervision of us and the cute lady ;D)

Once fully cured after 24 hours, we recommended them to apply the skim coating with our RF-102 Acrylic Skim by following the steps suggestion as follow:

5. Apply the ready-use acrylic skim and even out the surface with a scraper and recoat it after every 1-2 hours recoating time.

6. Once the final coat's surface has fully dried, sand it down using sanding paper until the surface is completely smooth and even.

7. After all, apply the paint as the final step and the wall will look seamless like brand new.

Cracks are a very common issue and a topic among the waterproofing industry. It could be a disaster as they can lead to water damage and jeopardize the stability of the foundation. However, not all cracks cause structural damage. Some cracks are just a natural sign of aging, but they should never be ignored.

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